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Case study - DLA Driving School


Darren and Dave from DLA Driving School approached Purple Espresso because they wanted to redesign their existing website which was originally created using Wordpress. The issues that they faced were that the original designer always made it difficult to make any changes that they wanted and the site was very low on the search engine rankings. If potential customers did arrive on their site it suffered with a 30+ second loading time. It did not have the content to appeal to their customers and the site wasn’t mobile/tablet responsive. Another challenge for DLA Driving School was to build their local company from a two person team into a large franchise covering all of Bedfordshire and eventually the whole of the UK. So the task for Purple Espresso was to create a modern looking website that would attract and appeal to all young learner drivers as well as driving instructors wanting to join their franchise. They favoured a clean and minimalist design that would function with speed for the user. It was important when re-designing their website that they suffered no downtime when the domain was moving over to us. Therefore all the redesigned content was loaded up on to our test domain so they could see the new look before launching the new site using their existing domain address. Darren also wanted new clients to be able to book driving lessons with the click of a button too to grow the business by spending less time phoning back clients asking what they wanted and instead booking them in straight away.

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DLA Driving School Website

Case study - Phil Dias Driving instructor


Phil from Phil Dias Driving Instructor came to Purple Espresso because he wanted to make his website responsive and look good on all screens. The existing website needed to be optimised to run faster too. Phil also wanted a re-designed website that was cleaner and more professional looking. Phil had a firm idea on colours so we worked closely with him to develop a more minimalist look that matched his online branding on social media. Phil was also keen on improving his photos of his successful customers so we did a lot of work in designing and photo editing. We were able to create unique black and white background photos that enhanced the colour of his happy customers.

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Phil Dias Driving Instructor Website
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