Frequently asked questions

  • How long will my website take to create?

    Usually 8-12 weeks but it will depend on how quickly the design phase is completed and if there are any delays with your content for the design.

  • How do I pay for my website?

    We accept bank transfer - 25% required on signup, 25% required once the design phase is complete, 25% required once the build phase is complete and the remaining 25% on launch of your website.

  • Do you use templates?

    No. Every customer is unique to us and we will individually design a website to match your exact requirements.

  • Is my website updated once finished?

    Yes. All packages we offer include ongoing maintenance of your website once it is launched. This way we can tweak any changes need and the content fresh as your business changes.

  • Do I need a SSL Certificate?

    Yes we insist. Your potential customers will want to feel safe when browsing your website. A SSL Certificate protects user by encrypting sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc.

  • What can I do if I already have a domain?

    You can discuss with us on how to transfer your existing website to us for a re-design. All of our packages are offered as a fully hosted solution so in effect we will take care of the running of your website which includes the domain address.

  • How much will my website cost to maintain?

    Our packages have different monthly fees for ongoing maintenance, See here. For major structural changes or redesigns there would need to be an agreed design phase and completed work will be at extra cost to you.

  • Will my website show up in Google search?

    Yes all of our websites are designed and built from the ground up, registered and indexed with Google.

  • Who hosts my website?

    We use a UK company called TSOHOST.

  • Do you outsource any work overseas?

    No, we proud that everything we do is undertaken 100% in the UK.

  • Can you help me update my existing website?

    Unfortunately we cannot update any existing websites that are not created originally by us. The reason for this is that the existing site may have been built using a WYSIWYG program that does not use clean code or perhaps a CMS like Wordpress. As we build everything ourselves from scratch we have a policy where we 100% stand behind everything we build. We build everything from scratch therefore we can fully support and are able to make changes and tweaks. Also there are generally issues of liability of multiple developers editing the same code over time.

  • Can I use my own photos?

    Yes of course. We encourage you to use your own photos to make your design original to your business.

  • Do I own my website?

    Yes, even though we design, build and maintain your website, you ultimately own it.

  • Is my website safe from hackers?

    Ultimately no website is 100% safe from hackers. Nevertheless, Purple Espresso will create your website using clean code that will be stored on physical hard drives and a cloud. If the unfortunate were to happen, your website could be easily restored from backups we keep.

If you haven't found what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We hope to hear from you soon.

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