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A look at the way I work at Purple Espresso and how I go about making your website.

How I work

How I create your website at Purple Espresso

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Planning a website


Designing a website from scratch


Building a website


Testing responsive web design


Launch your new website


Website support


Maintaining a web design


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Firstly choose a website package to cater for you needs. View all packages. Once you have decided on a package for you, you can give me a call or get a quote.

Planning your bespoke design

Plan & Discussion

You will need to tell me your exact requirements for your website. Let me know if you have any creative or technical requirements you may have for your website design. For larger projects and more complex websites, we can meet in person as well as have a favourite coffee of your choice if you wish!

Design your unique website from scratch


I will set up a temporary domain address where you will be able to see your initial design. Here you can tell me of any changes to be made and if you have thoughts on different colours, fonts etc. Do you have any of your images to add or any additional ideas to add to the design? I can suggest ideas on fonts and colours that match your branding across the web. I will keep making changes until we arrive at the perfect design for your website. Before I move on to coding the website, the design will have to be completed and agreed.

Building a website with clean code

Build & Development

I keep you up to date during the build and development phase. I will code from scratch, creating a bespoke design based on your ideas and my experience of your industry background.

Testing websites


I will test your website across different browsers and devices to ensure it looks great on all screens. See more on Responsive Design. I will also ask for your feedback at this stage and you can advise me of any additions or tweaks you would like me to make.

Launch a new website


Once your build has been approved and you are happy with the finalised design, I will launch and publish your website on the internet.

Support 24/7


Once your site is live my job does not end. I will index your website with Google so it shows in the search rankings. Any support that is required is there for you to keep your website running smoothly.

Maintain a website


As your business grows or changes, I am there to help if I can. I will make any necessary changes, add new content as you wish. I will continue to run and host your website so you do not need to worry about a thing.

Using the latest technologies to create beautiful websites
Atom Text Editor to write website code
HTML5 Code to build websites
CSS3 to style websites
Figma for designing websites
Affinity for designing websites
Node JS
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