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We can design and build a new website from scratch for yourself or your business

What is our bespoke website design?

All of our packages are created and designed uniquely and specifically for you and your business. They will not simply be made from a standard template. What this means for you is that your website is designed completely from scratch so you can have the exact dream website you want. It is important to remember that different businesses need different features on their website, elements that are both functional and aesthetic. Purple Espresso works closely with its clients so that they can bring to life their clients vision of their website.

Why do we not use templates?

Using a pre-built template for some business can be a perfectly adequate solution. However, for the majority of businesses they can be incredibly restrictive. Clients will find that the design they want will not be able to be achieved as the designer will say that they design will not fit the template. Over time they can give the client the inability to expand the website. Some websites are constructed using plugins for example Wordpress sites. Plugins can prove to be unreliable, insufficient and contain bugs that make them highly insecure and vulnerable to hackers. Plugins can often crash when combined and are not often optimised providing unnecessary code. This can make the website load sluggishly and possibly become unresponsive. Another drawback to templates is that when things do go wrong there can be a lack of support and a successful solution as the designer did not write the code. Finally, templates can just look the same and not give the client a unique look to their website.

So how do we do it?

Once your design is created and you are happy with it, we will build your website writing clean code from scratch using the latest W3C, HTML5 and CSS3 standards. By writing clean code from scratch the site will be optimised for speed. Your website will be mobile and tablet responsive ready meaning it will be created to look good whatever the screen size or device. We will work with you at every step to ensure the design meets your requirements and is fine tuned.

The perfect bespoke design
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How we create your website at Purple Espresso

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